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Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. If you have a question that is not answered below, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us and we'll do our best to provide you with an answer!

Absolutely! Terravita is an all-age community. We have some children living in Terravita and we have many children and grandchildren that visit frequently.
Yes! Although our amenities are primarily for our members, we appreciate that our members enjoy inviting friends and family to visit and participate in activities together. Guests are allowed at most events and can use the facilities most of the time. A nominal fee is charged for guest use of the facilities.
No, there are no food or beverage minimums.
No, there are a limited number of non-resident Golf Memberships available. Contact our Membership Director for more information.
Yes. Golf carts are allowed within the private community. Personal golf cart use on the Golf Course is restricted to Golf Members that have approved carts and have paid the current trail fee.
Terravita is a private, member owned golf course and is not open to the public to play. Sponsored guests of Members are welcome to play and are subject to Club guidelines for guest play.
There is a one-time, non-refundable Capital Improvement Fee for Terravita Country Club. Charged to all new owners to fund the capital reserve for purposes of additions, improvements and enhancements of capital assets.

Terravita has three entities with separate dues structures. All three entities have consistently strengthened its financial position by increasing cash holdings, reducing receivables, payables, increasing its fund balances and strategically utilizing debt to help fund projects. This has helped to ensure Members see only nominal dues and capital improvement fee increases. Terravita has and will continue to work hard to not have any assessments to the Members. Each entity maintains separate funds designed to address operations, infrastructure replacements and amenity improvements. This "three-bucket" system promotes discipline in how we allocate funding across our entire operation.

Terravita is positioned well and committed to continue achieving operating results in line with our financial objectives for the foreseeable future.

Yes, Terravita Golf & Country Club is 100% owned by the Members.
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