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Golf Academy

The Golf Academy at Terravita

Feel better, play better and have more fun!

Are you interested in making a run at the Club Championship? Are you trying to qualify for a prestigious event? Do you just want to see the look on your buddy's face when they take out their wallet? Or, maybe you’re new to golf and are looking forward to having fun with new friends. The Golf Academy at Terravita offers a full range of instruction programs that are sure to help you accomplish any of the above.

Sometimes the simplest "tip" can instantly make a huge difference. Terravita utilizes the best technology in the industry to help diagnose your mechanical flaws. The latest in golf specific fitness can also will be incorporated in order to improve your overall strength and flexibility.

The mental aspects of golf including having a solid understanding of routines, how to interpret lies, and other methods to help you make sound decisions on the course is equally as important.

The Academy's goal is to give you the tools necessary to self-correct and build confidence through a complete understanding of YOUR game. Players of all skill levels will benefit greatly from this simple, all-encompassing approach offered at Terravita.

Individual lessons, private group clinics, shot selection & course management techniques, junior instruction and custom golf club fittings are all available at Terravita Golf Club.

Terravita Golf Academy

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