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Do You Have the Correct Tools to Improve Your Short Game Wedge Play?
“Loft” and “Bounce” are two design features build into your wedges to provide specific playing characteristics.

“Loft” and “Bounce” are two design features build into your wedges to provide specific playing characteristics.
Most players should have at the very least a PW, SW and a Lob Wedge. Preferably, a player should also have a Gap Wedge that will play in between the PW and SW. This would make about a four (4) degree of loft difference from each of your wedges which equates to 10-12 yards in length on full shots. For example, if your PW goes 100 yards, your GW should go 90, your SW should go 80, and the LW would go 70. This is simplified for the example but these differences should also be the difference between 8-iron to a 7-iron (10-12 yards). The LW will provide

you the opportunity to hit very soft pitches around the greens to improve your ability to get it up and down. So remember, having the correct tools for those around the greens shots will improve your chance to get it up-and-down and lower your scores. At the very least, have a PW, SW, and a LW.

Bounce is a feature on the bottom of all of your clubs. But in wedges, the bounce really affects the playability of the club and how it interacts with the turf and or the sand. In the Pacific Northwest the ground is soft and damp. But in the summer in Texas, the ground might be more firm. If you are a digger you want more bounce (10-14 degrees). If you are a picker or sweeper you will want less bounce (4-8). Research and use a qualified fitter to help prescribe the best combination for your specific game.

Quality wedges make a difference as many off brand wedges lack the quality on bounce and wedge design. You get what you pay for in most of these cases. So don’t skimp on these club as they are the gateway to better scoring!