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Why Scottsdale is One of the Most Livable Cities
Residents all throughout Arizona refer to Scottsdale as one of the most livable cities, and for good reason.

Why Scottsdale is One of the Most Livable Cities                       
Residents all throughout Arizona refer to Scottsdale as one of the most livable cities, and for good reason. This luxurious town has won multiple awards for being a highly livable city--making its reputation well deserved. In fact, declares that Scottsdale is "exceptionally livable," and rated it as one of the most livable cities in the country. But what exactly makes Scottsdale so ideal for residents? We’ve figured it out and listed the reasons below:

Low Crime Rates
Residents want to feel safe in their homes and communities, so of course they prefer to move to an area with low crime rates. Because the overall crime rate in Scottsdale is 12 percent lower than the national average, Scottsdale is a perfect option for these residents. For residents who want to feel even safer, they can live in North Scottsdale region--where the crime rate is 65 percent lower than the national average! Scottsdale is also safer than 51 percent of the cities in the United States, and the crime rates in this town are decreasing every year.

Low Unemployment Rates
 It would be nearly impossible to live in a city where you can’t get a job to pay your bills. Thankfully if you live in Scottsdale, there’s a very good chance that you will always be employed. The unemployment rate in Scottsdale is 3.9 percent, compared to the national average of 6 percent. This rate is lower than surrounding cities, such as Tempe and Mesa. As a result of these low unemployment rates, Scottsdale residents experience higher levels of production and higher consumer buying power--enabling them to sustain their lavish lifestyles.

Outdoor Activities
If you’re more concerned about maintaining an active lifestyle, Scottsdale will enable and inspire you to stay fit for years to come. Countless mountains and parks are located within and nearby the city to give
residents yearlong access to exceptional hiking, biking and walking trails. Camelback Mountain, Pinnacle Peak and Chaparral Park are just a few of the many superior options. In addition, Scottsdale (especially North Scottsdale) is the ideal place for one of the most popular outdoor activities--golfing. With approximately 170 golf courses in the area, 330 days of sunshine a year, and annual PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour events, Scottsdale is the mecca of golf.

Because Scottsdale residents have a number of amenities available to  them, it’s incredibly easy to access almost anything they could ever want
or need. Scottsdale’s unique downtown district alone contains 90 restaurants, 320 retail shops and more than 80 art galleries--according to City of Scottsdale. And don’t worry about sacrificing quality for quantity, as Scottsdale’s amenities are top-rated. Scottsdale also features popular shopping districts such as Scottsdale Quarter, Kierland Commons, and Scottsdale Fashion Square--Arizona’s largest mall.

If you’re trying to figure out where to relocate, the decision is easier than you think. It’s been proven that Scottsdale is one of the best places to live, and it’s perfect for all kinds of residents. No matter what lifestyle you have, Scottsdale will enable you to truly embrace it. Especially if you choose to live in North Scottsdale, you will be able to live out the life of your dreams. So what are you waiting for? Start researching and planning your trip to Scottsdale today – and make sure you stop in and visit Terravita Golf & Country Club!