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Terravita Best Nearby Spots
Terravita's Best Nearby Spots for Outdoor Activities When you live in the Terravita community, you can enjoy the various benefits that North Scottsdale's desert landscape offers.

Terravita's Best Nearby Spots for Outdoor Activities

When you live in the Terravita community, you can enjoy the various benefits that North Scottsdale's desert landscape offers. For instance, since Terravita's environment attracts many types of unique bird species, its community is an ideal place for avid birders. Some of these interesting species include Northern Cardinals, Greater Roadrunners, Killdear, Phainopeplas, American Kestrals, Harris Hawks, Great Blue Herons, Say’s Phoebes and Owls You can find these birds throughout our community, near our lakes, and on our golf courses.

By living in a community where you can observe extraordinary birds, you get the opportunity to witness the cycle of life with your kids and
 grandkids. You can also bond over learning fun birding calls, such as making high, sharp "peep!" sounds to attract Abert's Towhees. Or, if you make a raspy "churr" and short "pip" notes, you may attract the local Gila Woodpeckers! Terravita's surrounding areas make it easy to practice birding outside of the community too. Raptor country, urban ponds, agriculture fields, mountains,open desert, regional parks and lakes are all within short drives from Terravita for day birding trips. Here are a few specific recommendations of parks and lakes perfect for
pursuing your passion:

Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve
Since 2009, crews have built approximately 36 miles of new trails in the Sonoran Preserve, which is only about a 25-minute drive from North Scottsdale. The trails are easy to access, easy to follow, and there is plenty of parking. The wide trails allow visitors to walk side-by-side,

making them perfect for couples and hiking partners. While you wander down the paths, the vast mountains and cacti that surround the area offer spectacular views. Don't be surprised if you also find unique birds and interesting rocks in this area. After exploring the preserve, you can enjoy a post-workout lunch at one of the nearby restaurants!

Cave Creek Regional Park
Cave Creek Regional Park's trails are very popular, with dramatic elevations and gorgeous views of the surrounding plains. The park features more than 11 miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. The trails, which vary from 0.2 miles to 5.8 miles, range in difficulty to please every visitor. The park's Day-Use Picnic Area includes 51 individual picnic sites, with each providing a table and a barbecue grill. The park also offers a campground that features 38 individual sites, with immaculate restrooms with flush toilets and hot water showers nearby. The park also hosts exciting events such as fitness hikes, archery classes, and wilderness survival plans. Since CaveCreek Regional Park is just 10 miles from North Scottsdale, regularly attending these events is entirely possible!

McDowell Mountain Regional Park
All of the trails at McDowell Mountain Regional Park are multi-use, making them incredibly versatile and useful for all types of visitors. The park offers over 40 miles of hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding trails. The trails range in length from 0.5 miles to 15.3 miles and range in difficulty from easy to strenuous. The park also contains 76 individual sites for tent or RV camping and two picnic areas totaling 88 picnic sites. In the North Scottsdale community, McDowell Mountain Regional Park is well known for its competitive track for mountain bikers. Today, the track features three loops totaling 15 miles, with each loop offering a variety of obstacles. Joggers and equestrian riders are also welcome to try out the loops too!

Lake Pleasant Regional Park
Considering the Lake Pleasant's immense popularity and abundant natural beauty, the 45-minute drive from North Scottsdale is certainly worth the trip. The lake offers over four miles of trails for pedestrian use only, making it the perfect place for birders, hikers, and fishers. Park trails range in length from .5 miles to 2 miles and vary in difficulty. If you're looking for an easier trail, consider strolling down the half-mile long Visitor Center Trail. This trail has interconnecting loops and decorative foliage, making it an ideal hike for nature-lovers. Lake Pleasant also offers 148 sites for RV and tent camping. Depending on water levels, you may even be able to get a camping site along the shoreline. And if you like to fish, be sure to bring your fishing pole! Lake Pleasant is home to 12 species of fish, and several fishing tournaments take place there every year. 

If you want to participate in birding and other outdoor activities, living in North Scottsdale will give you plenty of opportunities to do so. The nature regions listed above are only a short day-trip away from North Scottsdale, and other nearby areas such as The Superstition Mountains and Tonto National Forest are also spectacular places worth visiting. With countless options to choose from, it's clear that Terravita's ideal location makes it easy to find the perfect place for your outdoor hobby.