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Retirement is a Lifestyle, Not a Destination

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 4/11/2018
For some, early retirement is an incredible achievement to strive for, but oftentimes this life goal is achieved with little idea of what retirement life will look like...

Spring into Scottsdale!

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 3/13/2018
Spring is here! If you’re in town for Spring Training or to just enjoy the weather, here are our suggestions on fun things to do in Scottsdale, AZ.

Terravita Country Club to Invest $5.2 Million in Clubhouse Remodel and Redesign

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 3/1/2018
North Scottsdale country club to implement third part of long-term strategic capital improvement plan.

It’s Citrus Season in Arizona!

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 2/20/2018
Did you know that Arizona is one of the top producing citrus states in the U.S.? Get the inside scoop on where to find the best Arizona citrus and how to plant your own!

Tips for Downsizing to Prepare for Retirement or a New Home

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 12/12/2017
Planning for early retirement can be overwhelming, and while figuring out what you need to downsize into a retirement golf community can be a lot of work, the long term benefits of relocating to a home in Arizona is worth the planning.

The Beauty of Fall in the Arizona Desert

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 9/12/2017
Do you know where to find the beauty of fall in Arizona? If you hop in the car and drive a few hours in just about any direction you’re going to find more beauty than you ever imagined...

3 Tips to Improve Your Putting

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 8/18/2017
Keeping an eye on the golf pros touring this year you will see a variety of tools and styles being used for their short game...

6 Benefits of Living or Retiring in a Private Golf Community

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 8/1/2017
Gone are the days of a boring retirement when such a phrase was synonymous with an uneventful future...

Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Summer Golf

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 6/2/2017
As summer is now upon us, we play the wonderful game in Arizona in some pretty high temperatures. It really is true - it is a dry heat and that does make golfing in Arizona much more enjoyable than places with higher humidity...

8 Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 5/15/2017
Life doesn’t just happen to us, we have to make life happen...

How Communities Provide Safety

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 4/28/2016
Living in a safe community can reduce stress, promote peace and improve your overall well-being.

Why Spring Training is Fun for Everyone

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 3/1/2016
Spring training is finally beginning! And you don’t need to be a baseball fan to get excited, because the spring training season is undoubtedly a terrific time for everyone...