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Are you interested in making a run at the Club Championship? Are you trying to  qualify for a prestigious event? Do you just want to see the look on your buddy's face when they take out their wallet? The Golf Academy at Terravita offers a full range of instruction programs that are sure to help you accomplish any of the above.

Our Approach 

Some times the simplest "tip" can instantly make a huge difference and have you believing those bad shots are gone forever. But then, all too often, that good fortune disappears just as quickly as it comes. Long lasting improvement requires a plan, it takes time and commitment to really understand, what the "tip", changed for your benefit.  

The best technology in the industry will be available to help diagnose your mechanical flaws.  Also the latest in Golf Specific Fitness will be incorporated in order to improve your overall strength and flexibility.   As becoming stronger and more flexible will enable you to maintain more powerful positions throughout your swing. 

This strength training doesn't end with the body.  Having a solid understanding of routines, how to interpret lies, and other methods to help you make sound decisions on the course is equally as important. The Academy's goal is to give you the tools necessary to self-correct and build confidence through a complete understanding of YOUR game.  Players of all skill levels will benefit greatly from this simple yet all encompassing approach.

  • Andy Patnou - Director of Instruction
  • Max Snowden - Director of Instruction
    • Max Snowden began his professional career in 2003. For the last 14 years his pursuit of the PGA Tour has lead him to seek out the tutelage of the best professionals in the business, namely Dr. Jim Suttie, John Buczek, Gregor Jamison and Vision 54,  just to name a few. Having spent countless hours learning with these talented Coaches, he has gleaned a thorough understanding of what’s really important.

      The mechanics are universal, there are no secrets. There are many techniques that can be applied for many different situations.   By combining Bio-Mechanics, Geometry and Talent the sky is  the limit for all golfers.  With that said, All things don't work for all people.  A good Coach knows this and needs to deliver a personalized message that is tailored to the individual.  Developing a working dialogue between player and coach is the foundation necessary for building a relationship suitable for sustainable growth.  Contact Max any time for any reason and take the first step toward building this relationship.  He'll be around the club daily and is excited to help anyone willing to do the work to improve their game. "Remember, play better and have more fun!" 

      Max comes to Terravita having Played professionally all over the nation as well as having been the Head Instructor at multiple top facilities along the way.  His primary focus being private and small group instruction.  He has successfully worked with players of all abilities from Beginner to Professional.  He was born and raised in Dayton, OH and currently resides in Cave Creek. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Deb and they had their first child "Eli" in Spring 2017.  

      Full Swing Lesson w/video 60 mins Contact
      Flight Scope Lesson w/video 90 mins Director
      Check Up 30 mins of
      Introduction to Short Game 90 mins Instruction
      Short Game Check up 30 mins for
      Putting 30 mins Pricing
      Playing Lessons 9 Holes

      Max Snowden
      Director of Instruction
  • Susie Corona - LPGA Teaching Professional
    • Susan Corona LPGA Golf Trainer

      As a player, Susie won the 1990 Women's Arizona State Amateur Championship, after which she turned professional and played on various tours including Futures and Women's European Tour.  In 1995, Susie began teaching professionally at The Mark Steinbauer Golf Training Center, TPC Woodlands, Texas, where she developed the “Learn to Golf Program.”  After serving as a Golf Instructor at the prestigious Houston CC, Susie returned to Scottsdale to become the Assistant Director of Instruction under Jim Flick at Desert Mountain GC for 13 years.  Susie is an LPGA Class - A member and National Evaluator and she has gone thru Level 2 TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Instruction training.

      Susie has provided golf instruction to golfers of all skill levels.  She has provided golf instruction to many junior players resulting in full-ride scholarships to top universities.  She also has instructed players on the LPGA and Nationwide tours as well as both men and women Club Champions.

      It is through both teaching and personal playing experiences that Susie has developed a program which she calls the Mind, Body, and Swing Developmental Program and she has formed a team of experts to help all golfers reach their potential.  This program incorporates key components to the game of golf including: mechanical, mental, physical, short game and on-course training and club fitting.

      Susie and her husband, Danny, have two children, Riley 14, and Charlie 11.  They enjoy spending quality family time together which includes golfing, skiing and other outdoor activities.

Why guess when you can measure?

Improve your power, enhance your accuracy and build a more consistent swing by taking advantage of FlightScope X2 technology during your lessons. FlightScope X2 provides 16 ball data points, 7 club data points and 5 swing data points that will help you improve your understanding of the critical factors that determine your results. All of the elements that you can't see and that you can't feel can now be measured by FlightScope.
We describe it as "going into the world that the ball lives in..."

V1 Golf Academy
Terravita also utilizes V1 video technology and the V1 Golf Academy to help you improve your game. Now we can send and save all of your Video Lessons, Exercises and Drills, to your personal online V1 Golf Academy Locker. Sign up for a V1 Video Golf Lesson and let us give you access to all of your instruction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Individual Lessons, Group Lessons, Playing Lessons and Junior Instruction

Individual lessons, private group lessons, shot selection & course management techniques and junior instruction are all available to both Terravita Golf Members and Terravita Country Club Members. Call the Golf Shop or Director of Instruction for dates and times.

Custom Golf Equipment Fitting
Certified club fitting is available by our professional staff utilizing FlightScope X2 launch monitor and demo equipment from the best equipment manufacturers in the game.

Group Clinics and Golf Schools
Terravita offers a variety of golf clinics throughout the year, From large group or small group, semi private or private, theres sure to be fun and educational options for all golfers. Also contact the Director of Instruction to schedule a private group clinic for you and your party.  

Tip's and Trick's
 Teaching Professional
Max Snowden

February 2017

Short Scoring Wedges

In this months Tip’s and Trick’s I’d like to talk about The Scoring Zone.  I consider the scoring zone anywhere inside the distance of my most lofted club. Many golfers of all abilities struggle with scoring shots as they approach the green.  In large part because many of us are programmed to grab our highest lofted club for the given yardage and make a full aggressive swing.  This can make distance control very difficult.  Try this simple technique to make use of lower lofted clubs from much shorter distances to help get it pin high every time.  Hitting a pitching wedge with a shorter more controlled action, will always have a higher probability of success, than trying to hit a full swing with your lob wedge.  Assuming the shot required allows it.  Like always, this will require some practice.

First- Be creative with your club selection.  Try using 1,2,3, or even 4 clubs more in the scoring zone.   e.g. Pitching Wedge rather than Lob Wedge.

Second- Making a smaller swing is much easier if you make the club a little smaller.  Grip down, make your stance narrower and stand a little closer to the ball.

Third- Make a solid turn of the chest like any other shot just shorter and slower.  Focus on using your bigger muscles and less hands and arms.  This is true for both the wind- up and the swing-through.  A good feeling to have is that your hands remain in front of your chest throughout the swing.

Fourth- Take notice of the lower trajectory as the ball travels through the air and more roll out as it lands on the green.  Visualize the shot you want!

Learning to control these smaller, slower swings with your core muscles, will only increase the number of shots in your arsenal.  It is critical to maintain good balance and a rhythmic tempo through these shots.  Practice hitting longer clubs with 25%50%, and 75% of full power to get a feel for this.  Developing these slower swings will help your full power swing too.

Make your practice more fun by trying all kinds of shots.  Hitting shots from the same place over and over again is not as effective as creating variability.  On the course you rarely find a flat perfect lie.  Remember “what you practice you become good at”-Vision54.  Have fun and good luck.  If you have any questions, come find me.



January 2017

Stock Bunker Shot

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do you get out of these bunkers here at Terravita?” Thats simple, “Just like any other”. Here’s a quick tip on how to set up and hit a basic blast bunker shot. 

First things first. As always, take an athletic stance like a full shot. Feet about shoulder width apart or wider, knees flexed with your weight centered on your arch’s. Extra flex in the knees and a little digging in of the feet can be helpful as well. Next be sure to move the ball forward in your stance, uncomfortably so (toward your target, not away from you or closer to you).   Then open the face of your sand wedge ALOT and take your normal grip. From here you’ll need to align your stance and body left of your intended target so as to make allowance for the open face on the club. Lastly be sure the butt end of the handle is pointing at, or near, your belly button (not ahead or behind). From here take the club back making a nice turn with your chest. Then swing down trying to enter the sand 2-3 inches behind the ball. The sand you dig out will move the ball into the air.   Continue turning your body through to allow the clubbhead to pass your hands through impact, blasting the ball high and soft onto the green. 

With a little practice you’ll never leave another shot in the bunker.  Remember a bunker is a hazard and should be a difficult spot to make a good shot.  So our first goal is to “get it out”. With that said its best to avoid them all together… But thats a conversation for another time. Good Luck and if you have any questions come find me.