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The Beauty of Fall in the Arizona Desert

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 9/12/2017
Do you know where to find the beauty of fall in Arizona? If you hop in the car and drive a few hours in just about any direction you’re going to find more beauty than you ever imagined...

3 Tips to Improve Your Putting

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 8/18/2017
Keeping an eye on the golf pros touring this year you will see a variety of tools and styles being used for their short game...

6 Benefits of Living or Retiring in a Private Golf Community

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 8/1/2017
Gone are the days of a boring retirement when such a phrase was synonymous with an uneventful future...

Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Summer Golf

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 6/2/2017
As summer is now upon us, we play the wonderful game in Arizona in some pretty high temperatures. It really is true - it is a dry heat and that does make golfing in Arizona much more enjoyable than places with higher humidity...

8 Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 5/15/2017
Life doesn’t just happen to us, we have to make life happen...

Scottsdale, AZ - A Foodie Paradise

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 4/7/2017
Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the Southwest's most desirable living areas. With an abundance of nightlife, shopping, and dining options, it's no wonder that Scottsdale attracts some of the best and brightest chefs in the business...

6 Benefits of Seasonal Living

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 3/20/2017
For many retirees and working professionals with flexible jobs, seasonal living is the ideal lifestyle.

Is Early Retirement Right for You?

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 2/8/2017
Are you considering early retirement? Many people consider retiring before they reach their 60's. There are many positives and negatives when it comes to retiring early and it’s important to be completely sure before taking the leap.

5 Tips to New Year's Resolution Success

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 1/5/2017
The new year is upon us and with it comes the tradition of creating New Year's resolutions. Every year people come up with noble and ambitions resolutions, and by February the motivation to complete them fades into the distance...

5 Fun Winter Events to Attend in Scottsdale, AZ

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 12/12/2016
With winter approaching fast, people everywhere are preparing for the holiday season, winter events, and Christmas activities. Don’t let the desert landscape fool you - Scottsdale, Arizona has a lot to offer during the holidays...

Top 5 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 11/7/2016
It’s safe to say that most people are aware of the importance of physical exercise...

Why Great Golfers Play It Forward

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 10/7/2016
I tell many of my tournament players to practice and play some rounds from a more forward set of tees that they normally would...

Arizona Fall Ball

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 9/12/2016
What do Derek Jeter, Dusty Baker and Albert Pujols have in common?

Scottsdale: A Great City for Work or Play!

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 7/15/2016
With a population size of more than 225,000, Scottsdale is one of Arizona’s largest cities that has plenty to offer for people of all ages

Why Practice May Not Be Improving Your Golf Game

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 6/15/2016
If we look at the national average handicap, we can see the average golfer has not improved over the past 40-years. With all of the improvements in equipment and technology, why has the average score basically not changed?

7 Hacks for Beating the Summer Heat!

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 5/18/2016
We all know how hot and miserable the summer heat can be at times especially in Arizona. Why suffer when there are many tricks to help beat the heat and stay cool over the next few months. Here are some tricks that help make summer a bit more enjoyable...

How Communities Provide Safety

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 4/28/2016
Living in a safe community can reduce stress, promote peace and improve your overall well-being.

5 Delicious Recipes Your Neighbors Will Love

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 4/20/2016
Especially if you live in a private community or tight-knit neighborhood, getting to know your neighbors can bring a lot more joy into your daily life...

Mental Tricks to Use to Improve Your Golf Performance

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 3/18/2016
Golf is known to be one of the most mentally challenging sports in the world. Because of this, your mental discipline can dramatically influence your performance on the golf course.

Why Spring Training is Fun for Everyone

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 3/1/2016
Spring training is finally beginning! And you don’t need to be a baseball fan to get excited, because the spring training season is undoubtedly a terrific time for everyone...

The Secret Ingredients to MORE DISTANCE on the Golf Course

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 2/16/2016
If you ask the average golfer what they want more of in their game, you will hear “more distance” as the common request.

Why Scottsdale is One of the Most Livable Cities

Posted By: Cici Rausch on 1/14/2016
Residents all throughout Arizona refer to Scottsdale as one of the most livable cities, and for good reason.